Thursday, December 1, 2011

Best Exercise to Lose Weight

A great way to begin exercising is to walk. Walking is the best exercise to lose weight for people of any age, especially for those who have less time to do exercise. Walking can be fun as well as health-enhancing. Although walking is not an exercise that necessarily elevates the heart rate, it still provides many benefits, including calorie burn. Hiking is another form of walking and also the best exercise to lose weight. It takes place on trails and involves walking hills and on uneven ground rather than just walking in the neighborhood or on a treadmill, and as a result it can burn a lot of calories, especially if your hikes last several hours.

Strength training is also the effective and best exercise to lose weight for you to choose if you can set yourself free from your busy life and can do it regularly. If you find it hard to do so, try to start walking around the neighborhood or on a high school track. Try several short walking sessions of 10 minutes each if you have been sedentary. Work on extending this time until you can walk at least 20 minutes at a time three days a week on a regular basis. Then begin to add days and extend time so that you are exercising 30 to 60 minutes a day most days of the week. As you become better conditioned, your goal is to complete 60 minutes of walking most days of the week.

If you have access to a treadmill or stationary bike, you might want to start with 10–20 minutes of walking or pedaling at a comfortable pace. Learn to use your target heart rate or perceived exertion to assess the intensity of your exercise. On the treadmill you can vary the intensity by varying the angle of the machine and increasing the speed. The more vigorous (intense) your walking and the longer you walk, the more calories you will burn. Consider progressing from walking and using the treadmill to hiking. As your ability to walk is improving, you can also engage in a regular exercise program at a gym or at home.

To systematically increase your walking or hiking activity, it helps to use a pedometer an instrument that attaches to your belt and measures the distance you walk or the number of steps you take. Pedometers are also available on many smart phones.

I believe there is many other best exercise to lose weight out there, it may be effective for ones but not for others, you need to choose the right exercise and suitable for you. If you cannot find or rely on them, walking is still the best exercise for you to go after rather than missing out on doing any exercises each day.


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