Monday, September 12, 2011

Why am I not losing weight?

You are not losing weight is caused by many reasons whether you’ve tried wrong kind of exercises and diets, and even some people get disappointed and give up eventually when they are not losing weight with trying a lot of their efforts.

Here is might be helpful information why some people are not losing weight as they would like to be.

It is a myth that doing prolonged steady state training usually maintaining a target heart rate for 30 to 60 minutes like aerobics or cardio is the best way to burn calories and achieve cardiovascular health. Ever plod along on a treadmill that tells you the number of calories burned? You might go 45 minutes before you hit 300 calories. Well, guess what? That’s 300 total calories burned in that time, and not 300 calories above what your baseline metabolism would have burned anyway, even while at rest. That’s the reason the exercise machine asks your weight: To calculate your baseline metabolic rate. The average male burns 105 calories at rest in 45 minutes. Those 195 extra calories that the exercise actually
Burned only 195 calories more than if you had been taking a nap can be undone by half a plain bagel in half a minute. And aerobic exercise typically spurns your appetite enough to more than offset those few actual calories burned.

More bad news for aerobic activity: Whether it’s running, cycling, or a step class, the main reason it gets easier the more you do it, is not because of improved cardiovascular conditioning, but because of improved economy of motion. For the most part, it doesn’t get easier because of muscular endurance, but because your body is becoming more efficient at that particular movement. You require less strength and oxygen than you did before because your body’s nervous system is adapting. Wasted movements are eliminated, necessary movements are refined, and muscles that don’t need to be tensed are relaxed and eventually atrophied. This is why marathon runners will huff and puff if they cycle for the first time in years.

Aerobic training actually causes muscle wasting because the body is programmed to adapt to whatever demands we place on it. Long low-intensity aerobic training only requires the smallest and weakest, “slow-twitch” muscle fibers to fire off again and again. The other, stronger and larger, “fast-twitch” muscle fibers are not necessary for the task and become a burden to carry and supply with oxygen. The body has no demand for extra muscle beyond what is needed to perform a relatively easy movement over and over. So your body adapts by actually burning muscle.

Muscle is the most metabolically expensive tissue we have: It takes between 50 and 100 calories a day just to keep one pound of muscle alive, for both men and women, even if you are completely inactive. An extra five pounds of muscle can burn up to 15,000 calories in a month that’s the equivalent of two pounds of fat. Muscle is the single greatest tool for losing weight. Increased muscle mass let’s you are losing weight with less attention paid to calorie counting and food selection otherwise you are not losing weight effectively.

But with consistent aerobic exercise, over time, you’re far more likely to burn five pounds of muscle. That means your body will burn at least 250 less calories a day. And as your body becomes more efficient at running, those 195 calories you burn on the treadmill will decrease to about 125. So let’s do the math: You burn 125 calories above your resting metabolic rate each day you do aerobic exercise. Then add the minimum 250 calories you do not burn due to muscle loss caused by this exercise. After all you’re huffing and puffing, you are now 125 calories in the wrong direction and that’s definitely causing you not losing weight efficiently.

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